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With The Team Coach Academy Practitioner Course, you will have access to 50+ hours of online training, business resources, and the support, encouragement, and motivation of our global community of Teen Coaches.

Teen Coaches

Existing or Aspiring Teen Coaches who have started yet are looking to perfect their coaching skills and extend their influence through their own coaching practise.

Youth Workers & Professionals

Leaders in the Education Market who are looking to extend their expertise in Teen Coaching and either add it to their existing position or venture out on their own.

Existing Coaches

Leaders in the Coaching Industry who also want to extend their expertise to the teen market and start working with teens, families and schools.

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Online Academy

Get access to Teen Coach Academy's online training course. The #1 training and implementation program in the teen market.

Practitioner Training & Events

Join other Teen Coaches at our live, virtual certification events throughout the year, with over 50+ hours of training.

Likeminded Teen Coaches

Exclusive mastermind group to connect with Teen Coach Academy students. Proximity and community is key.


We are very excited to provide you with a transformational experience and cannot wait to witness your Teen Coach growth.


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