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Lenita has gone on the journey, she is a Teen Coach herself. I look back now and know this was the best investment I made. One of the biggest learnings was confidence and clarity. I highly recommend working with Lenita. She knows what she is doing.
Rowena Cheng
I’m so glad I invested in myself and with you Lenita! I know that the work I do now is very structured, purposeful and aligned to my goals. It’s nice to have clear systems and know what to work on each day that helps me play the long game. It has also helped me achieve balance in my work/home life. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom!
Aimee Schlueter
Before TCA, I was doing pretty good, feeling pretty confident in most areas. But, now after joining, I am on another level of confidence as I grow and thrive as a Teen Coach, with tons of new tools and strategies that I can't wait to implement with my teen clients and their families. I would recommend this.
Renee Sinning
Huge shoutout to Lenita Abouchabake and her crew for putting together an awesome Teen Coach Practitioner. I loved spending time with the Teen Coach fam, who create such a supportive environment. Before Practitioner, I was still trying to break through limiting beliefs I had about being a Teen Coach. Being vulnerable and having Lenita coach through the emotions that were blocking my potential have opened a new fire in me. I can't wait to serve more families and keep making an impact.
Zoe Koskinas
TCA rocks. Teen Coach Practitioner was phenomenal. Before joining, I was doubting myself as a Teen Coach and wrap my brain around the coaching process. I have experience working with teens for decades, but more so in the realm of teaching than coaching. After joining Practitioner, I feel so much more confident and certain in my ability to coach teens. Massive appreciation for Lenita and the crew.
Christina Alliance

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