Do you want to create lasting transformation in your life and career as a a Teen Coach?

Unlock & Activate is designed to help you transform your identity, work ethic, confidence and beliefs, and help you crush next month's goals.

Meet your trainer

Lenita Abouchabake

This is an ongoing monthly workshop for Teachers, Coaches and Speakers who are ready for change. 

You will get to experience private mentorship with Lenita & TCA Team each month to activate the month ahead and crush your goals. Lenita will take you through her personal process of how she calls in a new month of inner growth and transformation in business.

You are in a stage in your life or career where you are already successful and happy but you are ready for more!

If you feel like you are on the verge of an uplevel, if you feel like you know that you are meant for more, if you feel like you are ready to crush your goals this month, this is for you.

Some of the things we will cover:

*Monthly Activation Calls to help you crush your monthly (& quarterly) goals.

*Personal and leadership reflections to grow your business, relationships and team.

*Personal feedback and lessons via deep dive sessions.

*Upgrade your mindset and belief system to match your big goals and big life vision.

*Get really clear on the life and business you want and learn to start living and experiencing it now.

Unlock & Activate Training FAQ's

We run live calls monthly. Save the activate calendar here –

It is an ongoing monthly membership of $33 per month. Which means you can attend one monthly session as a GUEST for only $33 and cancel immediately OR stay on with us with our GUEST RATE to receive monthly access at our discounted rate.

You will receive a welcome email with log in details upon enrolment.

This is an ongoing month to month membership. This is a great way to experience private mentorship with a low, safe investment. You can cancel anytime if you do not want to remain inside Unlock & Activate.

You will have access to monthly live activation calls and an online dashboard where you can watch the training recordings as well as and accompanying resources.

No, come along to attend our next live call. Show up distraction-free and get ready for a transformational journey.

You will have access to our TCA Alumni group where you may ask your questions and seek support from the TCA Success Coaches.

Yes! You receive instant access to 3 months of workshops and recordings to watch an implement right away in the lead up to our next live session. 

Unfortunately, no. The only way to get 1-1 time with Lenita is to be in one of her private mentorship. However, when Lenita does training intensives like this one, she does interact with comments and includes Q&A sessions.

You have ongoing access for however long you stay enrolled in our Unlock & Activate membership. If you were to cancel, access will be removed unless you would like to upgrade to Mastery.

Reach out to our team at for further assistance.

You can cancel anytime by emailing the team at There are no refunds.

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