Do You Want To Become The Next Generation Teen Coach You Deserve To Be? Unlock Your Potential to Empower Teens and Build a Rewarding Career as a Certified Teen Coach

With our Practitioner Training, you will have access to our immersive Teen Coach training, and resources, with the added support, encouragement, and motivation of our global community of Teen Coaches.

Who is the Teen Coach Academy Practitioner Training for?

Teen Coaches

Existing or Aspiring Teen Coaches who have started yet are looking to perfect their coaching skills and extend their influence through their own coaching practise.

Youth Workers

Leaders in the Education Market who are looking to extend their expertise in Teen Coaching and either add it to their existing position or venture out on their own.

Existing Coaches

Leaders in the Coaching Industry who also want to extend their expertise to the teen market and start working with teens, families and schools.

New Leaders

Leaders in Corporate and Personal Development who are new to our industry and want to learn the skillsets to coach teenagers and enhance their understanding about adolescent development and wellbeing.

TCA Practitioner will give you a roadmap to enable you to:

Meet your trainer

Lenita Abouchabake

Our Services

What we offer

Online Academy

Get access to Teen Coach Academy's online training course. The #1 training and implementation program in the teen market.

Practitioner Training Manual

Get access to our 100+ page step by step training manual that will give you everything you need to thrive inside your role.

Likeminded Teen Coaches

Exclusive mastermind group to connect with Teen Coach Academy students. Proximity and community is key.

By signing up for the Teen Coach Academy Practitioner you’ll get access everything you need to make this happen, without trying to figure this out on your own:

You get instant access to our Practitioner Resource Hub to gain the skills to positively impact the lives of teens, build a fulfilling career, and become a sought-after expert in Teen Coaching.

What To Expect Inside Our Practitioner Training

Understanding Teen Challenges and Changes

Teen Well-being and Coaching Concepts

Business Fundamentals & Virtual Team Trainings


Worried about starting a new career? Our dedicated support team and community of coaches are here to guide you every step of the way. We are very excited to provide you with a transformational experience and cannot wait to witness your Teen Coach growth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Practitioner training is one-time $3,500 usd. Providing you with everything you need to coach teens and work in schools. Making this a no brainer deal that will in fact save you a lot of money and headaches, trying to do this on your own. We provide you with flexible payment plans on the next page.

Yes, definitely. You will receive instant bonus access to our Speak in Schools training. (Valued at $2k). Equipping you with all the content and systems you need to get booked and paid to speak in schools. This means you get 2 programs for the price of 1. Great deal!!! At a very generous rate.

This is designed for both beginners and experienced leaders who want to learn more about teen coaching. Our model is specifically built to help you coach Teens, Parents and Teachers. We have you covered and encourage you to ask questions inside our private Mastermind Group and attend our monthly masterclasses, so Lenita and the team can ensure the content is customised to best fit your current needs and requests.

This does truly depend on how much time you are dedicated to growing your life’s mission, serving teens, parents and schools.  Our course is online and self pace. Making this a wonderful opportunity for you to spend as much time as you like. We encourage to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours hours per week or as little as 20 minutes per day to start achieving great results. 

You will instantly receive full access to our online program inside our training portal. You may log in at your own time and start learning.

Yes, our course is self paced, designed to fit into your existing schedule. You have yearly access to a mastermind group as well as monthly group coaching calls for additional support. This isn’t just a self paced program. You also get access to a likeminded community with live customised support.

Yes, you will receive the opportunity to complete this course with other Teen Coaches across the world. And, will join our private mastermind group once you join. Making this a wonderful opportunity for you to network, ask your questions and build a great connection with leaders who understand and support your work with teens, parents and schools.

We can’t speak for other programs. But if you haven’t gained the results you would like in other programs, what we can tell you is that our course is laser focused for the teen coaching market, which is why our clients get results.
Absolutely. Our course is designed for Youth Professionals in existing roles such as teaching, speaking, counselling, tutoring and mentoring. You will walk away with skillsets to add to your toolbox and a pathway to effectively extend your impact and income beyond the stage.
Absolutely. Our course is designed for Parent Coaches in mind who want to evolve their current coaching models and frameworks. A lot of our members inside Teen Coach Academy also coach parents. They find it very useful to also equip their parent clients with our teen frameworks, so they can adopt them in their own home.

Of course. Our training material is designed to help you learn about teenagers, adolescent development and how to facilitate teen coaching sessions. We’ve helped mentors, leaders and coaches from different industries who are drawn to working with teenagers but don’t have much experience yet. We help them get started. Providing you with a solid foundation to grow your teen coaching journey.

Not at all, you will be assign all your necessary next steps once you enrol. 

It’s not about the resource, more so about the level of resourcefulness. A lot of our members did not have the money ready to invest in our program. In fact, almost everyone doesn’t have an extra $2k laying around. They believe in themselves to get resourceful. Commit to the first deposit, ask their loved ones for money, get a loan, etc. The question isn’t whether you have the money. The question is, do you trust yourself to get resourceful to find the money?

Everyone in our community has multiple coaches and go to each of them for different reasons. It’s just like a buffet. Eat what you want to eat and get what you need at that particular time. Our training is designed to help you fill in the gaps from what you currently aren’t receiving from your existing coach. You are not cheating on them. You will enhance your performance in their mastermind group by extending your skill sets with us. Not every coach will be everything for you, and that is totally ok.

Yes, you will receive a Teen Coach Practitioner Badge and Certificate once you complete our training program. You have 12 months access to our program to ensure you have enough time for completion. You can share on your current platforms and website. This will help boost your confidence and authority in the market. Our members love this perk.

Yes, we provide you with teen coaching forms and templates to evaluate your sessions as well as receive client feedback. We will also help you leverage your client feedback into marketing materials. Which makes this a great bonus for when you are ready to market and get more paid clients.

Yes, we provide a great introduction into building a teen coaching business as well helping you hire your first or next virtual assistants. This has been a game changer for our members, freeing up anywhere between 5-15 hours of your work week. You will receive support in getting clients to make an additional 3-4 figures a month. 

Unfortunately, no. The only way to get 1-1 time with Lenita is to be in one of her private mentorship. However, when Lenita facilitates monthly masterclasses, she does interact with comments and includes Q&A sessions.

You will have 12 months access to our online training. After 12 months you have the option for renewal or upgrade into our advanced levels inside the Academy.

Reach out to our team at for further assistance.

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Theodora Bogiou, a School Teacher: Makes $100,000 with Teen Coaching

Jenn Brown, a Life Coach: Makes $25,000 with Teen Coaching

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